2 Great Pieces on Maintaining Brain Health

Today I just wanted to give a brief intro on two great pieces of content and then let the content itself do the talking. We are quite guilty as a society of being very educated on physical health and absolutely ignorant about brain health (brain health is a new, more concrete term of mental health suggested by Sue Klebold). Considering you are far more likely to kill yourself than be killed by someone else in modern British society, this would lack of awareness needs to be remedied quickly.

These two content pieces below are useful in the fight against avoidable mental illness.

The tools you need to reach out and deal with emotional issues:


Honey Dill Comics’ Mental Health All-Stars is a handy reference guide for combating depression or nihilism related mental health issues. Find their FB page here: https://m.facebook.com/iamhoneydill/?__tn__=C-R






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